Tuesday, December 30, 2008


can't imagine today is the last day for 2008.
2008 for me is so painful. i learned so many things. but luckily i can get through it.

2008 also reminds me of having him. full of happiness but it ends on december. sad sad.

wut about travelling?? yes i had been to 3 different countries dis year. ;)

1. Singapore (January)
I went there by uni trip. it was like a honeymoon for me.haha.

2. Macau, China (February)
I went there with my family. Macau is full of 'perjudian' or casino. ppl around there live with poker n stuff. kind of strange for me..but it was a good experience. =)

3. Bandung, Indonesia (August)
This was the best holiday i ever had for this year. I went there with my big family. They are superb. U know, all the makchik2 are so kepochi!.hehe. Shopping is like a heaven there. I bought quit a lot of stuff..if there is a chance to go bandung,i'm not going to miss it =D

4. Jogjakarta,Indonesia (December)
I went there with my parents. Actually my dad had work there and mama and I was just menumpang. hehe. Jogja was not fun like bandung. There were no shopping center. Only kedai2tepi jln..=( I guess the most attracting place is the CaNDI Borobudur. Im not a historical ppl la..so, I'm not so glad with all da old2 stuff.huhu.

So, what I can say about 2008 is, sometimes there are happy moments but sometimes there are sad moments.

I dint do well in my exam as well. I only got 2.99 for the whole CGPA!!!!. Isnt that frustrating??..so, whut i shud do is to buck up!!! I have to work hard in 2009. really hard. meaning i must get at least 3 pointer above..yes! i can do it.

Next, i'm not going to couple with anyone for this 4th sem. I want to be single and dun want to get interrupt wf any guys especially in utm. there a so many losers here. really sick of them. i juz want to concertrate on my study. thats all.

So, welcome 2009 and bye bye 2008....>.<

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

yesterday, my dad got a new car which is camry and da whole family really love it.
well lama x naik keta mewah..asik naik keta msia jer...huhu..
but sadly, i have to go back utm dis 30th...so malas but kind of excited coz can't wait to meet up wf my friends!!

to my ex-bf..i really miss you..
i dunno how to face wf u this coming sem. everything will be different...benci2..

anyway, i have to keep it aside and focus in my study..
juz imagine, all my friends got very high mark in final!!!..i'm like da loser one...
i really have to buck up..i have to beat them and dats my mission!!

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Friday, December 5, 2008

look how nakal he is!!!!!!!!!

this time i have to take care of my nehpew asyraf (1 year old). he is so damn naughty. run so fast like a wind and cry so loud like a lion. he will pull anyone's hand to bring him somewhere he wanted to. he love ball!. keep saying ball and ball everyday. hehe so cute. btw he is the only nephew i have and i really adore him. muahh syg.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

peoples who brighten my days!

this 2 persons make me happy all the time. luv u guys!

Monday, November 24, 2008

its been a very long time i havent do this..busy??..i dun think so. actually i didnt connect my room with this internet coz at first i thought dat the wireless in krp was excellent but it turns badly in the middle of the sem. huh....kalu tau aku beli je line tuh...so, i have to bring my ass to my friends room, knock2 and asked for sympathised!!..haha..sumtimes nak buka cimbclicks je pun coz very desperate to top up when my pocket kosong already..
talking about top up, sorry sot aku terlupa nak byr rm5 kat kau b4 cuti hari tu. nnti aku byr la k..ooppsss!

so now i already at my very sweet home. i love my home and couldn't care if i cannot go out pun coz at home i feel so relaxxxx...i can do watever i want including sleep for the whole day!!..haha..really coz at UTM i have to wake up early in the morning to study!!!(tp x pndai2 gak) =( this is becoz my rummate is sooooo bloody rajin. juz imagine dat she can straight away go to her table and read notes after she wakes up.what in the earth la kan punyer rajin. xpayah gosok gigi pun...hihihi so, as a rummate i feel so uncomfortable with it. sumtimes she makes me jeolous. anyway she deserve to get 3.92 for every sem becoz what she did is worth it!!! study study study...yang aku ni konon2 nak jadi rajin but all my marks x seterrel die k. maybe there is somthing yg x kne ni...hmm..buck up nadhirah!! sumtimes feel like having a single room next year. but pikir2 balik its a waste for me not to have her as my rummate bcoz without her i will bloody malas la kan..hihi...so stay with her je la. ok laniku??hehehe..

during last 3rd sem, what i did was i alwiz dating with my ex-bf alif.(no wonder i got very bad marks!) we wet everyday. so like laki bini already. we went to tasik lah, eat together lah. xpeduli kn org awam langsung. what i think was only alif and me in this world..huhu...i'm sure ppl around us might be very sick of us!! seeing us berkepit everyday. sorry guys..coz i cant get rid of him. he was my man. so now those things will never happen next sem. (maybe kdg2 tu adalah. juz meet as a friend) coz on 23rd nov we break!!!!...non of us did any mistake juz bcoz my parents yg x setuju me couple with him..huhuhuu...i cried like babi dat nite ok. serioussss bapak sedey..i feel so sorry to you alif. it was all bcoz of me. my parents really wanna best for me. so, as ank mithali la kan i dgr la ckp mama n ayah, maybe ada hikmahnyer...huhu....anyway, i still young. stilll can meronggeng after this..haha..oopss!. like whut my ayah said, 'korang ni cinta monyet je'...huhu..cinta monyet ke kalu dah sampai date hari2???..huhu..watever la. luckily our relationship are just 11 months!. if longer, it will be hard for me to let him go. so rite now i feel so malas to bercouple dah. enough for having 3 ex-bf!! hope the 4th one will be my husband and i will choose the best guy for my parents sake!!!!!

for those ppl out there yg sedang berchenta, make sure u guys ask ur parents first and tell them the root about ur gf/bf. coz parents really want the best for their children. trust me.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

really sick of it

feeling better after sukam is over. as a ajk makanan sukam, u have to prepare foods and drinks to the atheletes. really tiring, da problem is, those athletes are so demand!!! they want me to treat them as a vvip ke??!! at the end kalah gak. sepak kang.
come on la. baru sukam. kalu olimpik bley la lagi. pening pening. wutever it is, this S*** thing aready past and i'm going to concerntrate on my study. test3..after holiday. mmg S*** gak.
ye la wut do u expect time cuti?? takan nak blajar kot??? mmg x lah.. haih...

really sick of math lecturer. he always absent. come on la. plus dis week, he left us for 2 weeks already k. dah la i mcm so bodo in physics math kan. suke2 je x wat class. then he never want to replace the class. at the end tibe2 ckp ada test. wtf???


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Friday, June 6, 2008

the making of a fat gurl

this holiday makes me become a huge lady. i didnt go for exercise and just sleep3..

everyday i wake up around 9am. 1st thing i do is i will check out my phne whether got msg from him or not.then i will take my bath and hve my breakfast. wanna knw wut am i having 4 bfast??
i will drink a cup of milk wf oat and i eat something heavy like nasi goreng, hotdog...huhuu..

then, i dump all my dishes dat my family left last nite into the dishwasher..i hate this part.huhu
rite after dat i wash my cloth or my my family clothes!!!..dump it all in the washing machine and start watching tv. which is tv3 coz there's no astro at the 1st floor. dis time i will msg or cll him..hehe

later on aroung 11 am cmtuh i will take my car key and drive to anywhere i want to. love dis part coz i am practising my skill on driving..

later in the aftenoon,,is my bedtime. but before dat i will eat my lunch wf ma sis. after dat barulah saat kegemukan akn tiba where i will sleep like a lazy slug..huhu..

so no wonder i have a big tummy rite now. eat n sleep all day long. ni x citer lg bab petang..huhu..scary kan..

ok la till here..
tatau bile nak exercise. mls2..

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Friday, May 30, 2008

driving manual car

yeahh now i start practising my driving skill. its been 2years since i got my license but only now i can drive confidently(area kota damansara je). manual car its a bit hard to compare wf auto la. tired of changing the gear and pressing the clutch..huhu....

watever it is i have to buck up coz my dad already give green lite for me to drive car at utm. so 1 month ago i drove to pasar, round2 are kd..huhu

i need to practise more. must reach kl before july. yeahhh dat my mission.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

wedding week!

dis weekend i went to 3 wedding. and im so tired of dat. i had to follow my mom coz she asked for it. coz she scared if she dun have friends to talk to later.huhu..last2, i yg ditinggalkan..wuuu~~

so, starting from 2mrow, .i have to take care of asyraf. how am i going to practise my driving. haih~~~

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Thursday, May 8, 2008


yeahh dats da word to decsribe my feeling at home. it totally boring. i have no friends to talk to, no where to go...my friends are all stay in kl..huhu why daddy choose damansara..although there are so many places to go, but when u dun have money and friends there's no point rite..huu..
i hate this holiday..bluekkkk

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Monday, May 5, 2008

i got my full license =D

yeahh, i went to jpj dis morning. firstly mls mau bgun but think about my ability of driving car...

so today i stay alone at home..i prefer dis way rather than follow my brother to work..x larat laa...hate to follow ppl him bcoz his job is boringggg..xdpt gaji pon..its so meaningless ok..=(
i miss asyraf..cepat la balikk

rite now, lagu sempurna keep playing in my mind.hehe...

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

the good n bad

the good thing is,

finally..the disaster is over...i finished all my final paper!!! yessss..
my dad picked me up at utm and he drove me to puteri pacific hotel to stay there 4 2 nites..
yes, and i love johor food..it was marvelous!! i loike their tauhu bakar and cakoi bakar.hehhehe..
today, my dad, brother and i went to cs. we watched iron man!! the best thing was they like it..hehe.and i love it too! =D ..later on my dad bought me new watch!!!!!!!!!!!! yes2...the watch was like sama tapi x serupa wf the old one..hehe..thanx dad.,.i will take a good care this watch. no more careless nadhirah..

here comes the bad thing..
what i hate about holiday is i cannot meet my lovely guy..wuuuu~~
we have to berpisah and we cannot meet each other for 2months yes! 2 MONTHS OK..
before that we were like seeing each other everyday and now i cant meet him..huhu..if u were in my shoe, i think u knoe wat am i feeling rite now..huhuhuhuhu!!
maziquekuuuu...i need uuuu...)=

to all couples out there....dun be too obsessed wf ur love one..or else u will suffer like me...

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

exam.huhu..final exam

rite now im struggling for my final exam. i have another 4 papers..ethnic and english already done. im scared of electronic..huhu.. another 1 days not to go.. actually its not hard but im afraid dat i will careless and forgot the formula..

nway i will try my best to score dis time. i will prove it to my parents dat i can do it.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

i lost my watch..

owh yeah..yesterday was too sad for me...it affects my entire life. i lost my sayang watch..argggghhh!!!! I LEFT IT AT TV ROOM AT MY HOSTEL.

im fucking stress with dat ok..i really want my watch back. coz my dad gave it to me!!!!
i really appreciate dat. but i juz ambil ringan je..huuh....sorry dad. its all my fault..

nway exam is juz around the corner..nadhirah, juz focus in ur study k..juz ignore for a while bout da watch...juz keep praying so dat da one who took it will return back to you..huhu..yeahenhh i shud think like dat..

ok then till here.. gud luck everyone..

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

its sunny but suddenly its raining..

yes...that is the weather in scoodai johor rite now. so, i have to bring umbrella anywhere i go...
like yesterday, on the way to arked it was too sunny so i just let it be but suddenly after i ate, it was raining like cats n dogs..

talking about cats n dogs, it reminds me of this two persons. they are like cats n dogs. they didnt even smile when they bump to each other..i know it was all my fault. i'm still thinking on how to settle down this. one of them are so cold. he didnt even want to greet dat 2nd guy coz he is mad with that 2nd guy coz he being to kind to me. and this 2nd guy is mad bcoz the 1st guy are too protective on me. huhuhu i hate this situation. i dun want they to fight bcoz of me. why cant both of u just be friends like usual. juz 4get about the past. life is short and friends are important. we dun want to lose our friends juz bcoz of small things rite..

to da 1st guy i hope u will try to melembutkan hati u. try to greet or at least smile to the 2nd guy....to the 2nd guy i just hope that u will accept the kegoaan the 1st guy...

i dunno whether my perception bout dis are right or not...huhu...

gtg. late 4 class already..huhu

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

get to know new friends

i would like to say dat lydia is really in love with dat guy. i can see the chemistry betwen them. we ate lunch together. as usual alif n m but this time wf lydia n kelvin..da best part was they spoke different languages. i couldnt get wat they said..hehe, as 4 ur info they are from Borneo . Both alif n Kelvin are from sarawak and lydia is from sabah. dat is why i'm like the alien listen to what they said.hehe..its fun actually, alif was sorry to me coz he had to speak sarawak language with Kelvin and that makes me couldnt catch up what they said..

i dunt think that is the big matter here..hehe..coz by right im still sarawak language rite now=D

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i ate hotdog today. hehe.. they boil it by using kettle...isnt dat brilliant...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

yesterday i was a tiring day!!! i got test class at 8am, then I got this freaking test at 12. later on i rushed back to krp to pray and i came back to fac coz i got class at 2pm. i ate my lunch at 3pm. huh and finally at 5pm i got optic quiz. damn it I got wrong in some questons..huhu...

leter at night i met alif at dsm. i gave him lovely card and kissable chocolate. he really like it. i gave it to him juz to wish him happy 3rd months anniversary...i'm like so poyo at dis part..(^0^)

late at night he text me saying dat he was soooo terharu wf da card. he love me sooooo much. im happy wf dat. bcoz after da incident happen i'm scard dat he will leave me..huhu..
i just dont know how to get rid wf dat guy...he being so nice to me and yet i hate him...oh god help me..next week i will be going back to kl wf him. i juz cant imagine wut will alif think bout it...huhu.. i'm so so sorry!!!

rite now, i'm in psz waiting for him to finish his english discussion. i saw him from here. he is bald. hehe....he look so cute ang like wut georgie said he look similarly like yakuza!..hehe...

till here..

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Monday, February 11, 2008

i had recover. i 'm happy wf my decision. thanx once again apex. i met alif at bistro and we had dinner together. we laughed and cheered ourself like something bad was never happened. so, i'm glad coz everything was back to normal...=D

bout my english class dat nite, as usual there were no air conditioner!!!! i really sick of dat class.
and the best part was i was chosen to give public speaking.. hell no!!! my turn is 28 k. i'm sick wf those dummys yg dpt no awl2 tu sgt penakuttt nak present. wutever laaaa..so, i juz came in front and gave my speech. fuhhh luckily i brought dat piece of paper. n luckily i got 8 over 10 for overall marks. so, the moral of the story u must get ready at all times..huhu..

ok, back at the evening i bang my head to the ampaian. oouuchh!!

so, dis morning, i woke up at 6 o'clock. woohooo....so semangat i study at dat early bird time..hihi..bkn ape., i really hav to buck up. i had waste my time doing rubbish., so from today onwards i will work harder. i will wake up early in the morning and sleep at nite. i must score good marks in my final coz mama will only let me go to bandung wf dat results..chaiyokk!!!

i can do it!

so, rite now i'm in library n i would like to continue my study. i have to finish up my physics tutorial by today!
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

da hardest day..

today will be the hardest decision i have to make for my life..i have to choose between this 2 person...sampai dh naik giler k. i like both of them. they were too kind to me. yet, i have to pick one. yes. only one. coz i can't have 2 persons at the same time....

after i had a talk wf them, i bcame more stress!!!. so i decided to call apex coz i know he is my life saver..so, he lectured me n i'm happy wf everything he told. i hve the semangat baru already. yes!

so, for conclusion, i'm not going to pick both but i will survey first. i love them n i will treat them well..
huhu, why this thing happen to me. i am a student. i must concentrate in my study..
its like 10 kali ganda lagi penting rite..hmmm

k till here

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

utmku yg disayangi

i arrived at my room in utm at 0005 am. hoho its too late rite. its boting to have a journey at nite by car, coz u juz see the same view around u which is the road. u cant see ur surrounding area coz its dark!!! n my bone was like cracking every time i yawn..huhu.
as usual my parents keep calling me to ask me wether i am safe or not. n da best part was when i just reached my room door, my mother called me. like she tau2 je kan. hehe. itulah naluri seorang ibu and then mail calld me. haha. dat one i dont know whut kind of naluri is dat., hehehe..


i pray n trus tidooooo k. too tired. i can't even talk properly in the phone..huhu. sorry.

this morning i woke up at 7 to pray subuh n then i sleep back.
at 830 i went up to arked meranti to have my breakfast. i ate meeuhn goreng wf telur dadar n mineral water. breakfast wf plain water??? hehe actually dat is one way for me to lose weight.
bcoz i gained 3 kilos rite after i returned from macau. huhuhu dat is sooo sad. so, from today onwards i will diet. one thing is bcoz i dunt want my sis ummi see me at this condition when she return dis march. i want to be slim like her too. must cannot kalah one..hehe..

so, after dis i will continue my study, there were tonnes and tonnes of tutorial i havent done!!!!
n i hate to do it coz i dunno how to solve it..huhu..lani, i must rujuk from u. u r da smartest student in fikes n yet i'm like the dummest one..

ok2..go study k.

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Friday, February 8, 2008


i'm waiting for kak moni to fetch me. she didnt tell me the exact time so i just have to wait for her message or call me..
i had juz packing my stuff and there are 3 bags!! haha. add 1 more bag bcoz i add new shirts dat was given by my sis..

so, while waiting, my hand menggatal want to write sumthing in this blog...

(^0^)..i loike this icon. it shows dat i'm happy n glad.
and for this =D. it shows big smile from me meaning i'm so happy. this icon was created by my friend raihanah. sory rai. i ter'copy' ur idea..weeeee!!

k..till here, hve no idea to write anything else..hmmm

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Thursday, February 7, 2008


i had just came back from jerantut. i slept all da way from jerantut to kl. hehe coz i felt so full after all of us ate the super duper delicious breakfast made by my aunts. they served us roti boom, rendang daging, meehun wf extra delicious sambal ikn bilis. hehe..gmok sudah..

by the way, dis year cny celeberation was not dat great like past2 year. this is all bcoz of my dad. as for this year we unable to 'konvoi' wf others coz we were late. in additon, we were the 1st one to leave, so we unable to see the new kandang rusa and so on..huhu so sad, i didnt have time to look at the peaceful garden nor the river..wat i did was just sat and eat while watching tv...this is really2 sad.

at the end of the day, all my relatives plan to go to bandung, indonesia this coming july, i was so excited to hear dat, but malangnye my class already start at that time, so as usual i will PONTENG on that day. huahuahua. i must go. i must go. i will start saving from today onwards coz my mom said dat bandung is heaven for shopping!!! i loike!

so...2morrow i will go back to utm wf kak moni. huhu, feel so scard coz i didnt study n do my revision for test next week!!!! huuuu i want to get at least 3 pointer for this sem, but unfortunately due to lots of problems yg melanda hatiku ini, i think my dream will be sia-sia.
but i will try my best to mengaharungi those cabaran yg bagaikan syaitan sedang menghasut-hasut. nadyra can do it!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

chinese new year

i begin my blog on the chinese new year.

this morning my brother confidently told us dat he was born in the year of pig. oh god, seriously kesian. and together we laugh at him. dat was in the car after we had our breakfast at original kayu, sunway damansara.

today, my family n i will celebrate our cny at jerantut as usual, but patiently we have to wait for dad. he got this ceramah thingy, omg sumtimes i'm sick wf dad's work. he getting busier n busier after he got the post. he love dat pose but yet the whole family have to suffer..

kat sni nk cerita skit..
my mom had enough wf my dad..hmm i shud write later coz i really need to go bersiap to jerantut now..till here.

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