Sunday, March 16, 2008

its sunny but suddenly its raining..

yes...that is the weather in scoodai johor rite now. so, i have to bring umbrella anywhere i go...
like yesterday, on the way to arked it was too sunny so i just let it be but suddenly after i ate, it was raining like cats n dogs..

talking about cats n dogs, it reminds me of this two persons. they are like cats n dogs. they didnt even smile when they bump to each other..i know it was all my fault. i'm still thinking on how to settle down this. one of them are so cold. he didnt even want to greet dat 2nd guy coz he is mad with that 2nd guy coz he being to kind to me. and this 2nd guy is mad bcoz the 1st guy are too protective on me. huhuhu i hate this situation. i dun want they to fight bcoz of me. why cant both of u just be friends like usual. juz 4get about the past. life is short and friends are important. we dun want to lose our friends juz bcoz of small things rite..

to da 1st guy i hope u will try to melembutkan hati u. try to greet or at least smile to the 2nd the 2nd guy i just hope that u will accept the kegoaan the 1st guy...

i dunno whether my perception bout dis are right or not...huhu...

gtg. late 4 class already..huhu

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

get to know new friends

i would like to say dat lydia is really in love with dat guy. i can see the chemistry betwen them. we ate lunch together. as usual alif n m but this time wf lydia n kelvin..da best part was they spoke different languages. i couldnt get wat they said..hehe, as 4 ur info they are from Borneo . Both alif n Kelvin are from sarawak and lydia is from sabah. dat is why i'm like the alien listen to what they said.hehe..its fun actually, alif was sorry to me coz he had to speak sarawak language with Kelvin and that makes me couldnt catch up what they said..

i dunt think that is the big matter here..hehe..coz by right im still sarawak language rite now=D

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i ate hotdog today. hehe.. they boil it by using kettle...isnt dat brilliant...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

yesterday i was a tiring day!!! i got test class at 8am, then I got this freaking test at 12. later on i rushed back to krp to pray and i came back to fac coz i got class at 2pm. i ate my lunch at 3pm. huh and finally at 5pm i got optic quiz. damn it I got wrong in some questons..huhu...

leter at night i met alif at dsm. i gave him lovely card and kissable chocolate. he really like it. i gave it to him juz to wish him happy 3rd months anniversary...i'm like so poyo at dis part..(^0^)

late at night he text me saying dat he was soooo terharu wf da card. he love me sooooo much. im happy wf dat. bcoz after da incident happen i'm scard dat he will leave me..huhu..
i just dont know how to get rid wf dat guy...he being so nice to me and yet i hate him...oh god help week i will be going back to kl wf him. i juz cant imagine wut will alif think bout it...huhu.. i'm so so sorry!!!

rite now, i'm in psz waiting for him to finish his english discussion. i saw him from here. he is bald. hehe....he look so cute ang like wut georgie said he look similarly like yakuza!..hehe...

till here..

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