Monday, February 11, 2008

i had recover. i 'm happy wf my decision. thanx once again apex. i met alif at bistro and we had dinner together. we laughed and cheered ourself like something bad was never happened. so, i'm glad coz everything was back to normal...=D

bout my english class dat nite, as usual there were no air conditioner!!!! i really sick of dat class.
and the best part was i was chosen to give public speaking.. hell no!!! my turn is 28 k. i'm sick wf those dummys yg dpt no awl2 tu sgt penakuttt nak present. wutever, i juz came in front and gave my speech. fuhhh luckily i brought dat piece of paper. n luckily i got 8 over 10 for overall marks. so, the moral of the story u must get ready at all times..huhu..

ok, back at the evening i bang my head to the ampaian. oouuchh!!

so, dis morning, i woke up at 6 o'clock. semangat i study at dat early bird time..hihi..bkn ape., i really hav to buck up. i had waste my time doing rubbish., so from today onwards i will work harder. i will wake up early in the morning and sleep at nite. i must score good marks in my final coz mama will only let me go to bandung wf dat results..chaiyokk!!!

i can do it!

so, rite now i'm in library n i would like to continue my study. i have to finish up my physics tutorial by today!
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

da hardest day..

today will be the hardest decision i have to make for my life..i have to choose between this 2 person...sampai dh naik giler k. i like both of them. they were too kind to me. yet, i have to pick one. yes. only one. coz i can't have 2 persons at the same time....

after i had a talk wf them, i bcame more stress!!!. so i decided to call apex coz i know he is my life, he lectured me n i'm happy wf everything he told. i hve the semangat baru already. yes!

so, for conclusion, i'm not going to pick both but i will survey first. i love them n i will treat them well..
huhu, why this thing happen to me. i am a student. i must concentrate in my study..
its like 10 kali ganda lagi penting rite..hmmm

k till here

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

utmku yg disayangi

i arrived at my room in utm at 0005 am. hoho its too late rite. its boting to have a journey at nite by car, coz u juz see the same view around u which is the road. u cant see ur surrounding area coz its dark!!! n my bone was like cracking every time i yawn..huhu.
as usual my parents keep calling me to ask me wether i am safe or not. n da best part was when i just reached my room door, my mother called me. like she tau2 je kan. hehe. itulah naluri seorang ibu and then mail calld me. haha. dat one i dont know whut kind of naluri is dat., hehehe..


i pray n trus tidooooo k. too tired. i can't even talk properly in the phone..huhu. sorry.

this morning i woke up at 7 to pray subuh n then i sleep back.
at 830 i went up to arked meranti to have my breakfast. i ate meeuhn goreng wf telur dadar n mineral water. breakfast wf plain water??? hehe actually dat is one way for me to lose weight.
bcoz i gained 3 kilos rite after i returned from macau. huhuhu dat is sooo sad. so, from today onwards i will diet. one thing is bcoz i dunt want my sis ummi see me at this condition when she return dis march. i want to be slim like her too. must cannot kalah one..hehe..

so, after dis i will continue my study, there were tonnes and tonnes of tutorial i havent done!!!!
n i hate to do it coz i dunno how to solve it..huhu..lani, i must rujuk from u. u r da smartest student in fikes n yet i'm like the dummest one..

ok2..go study k.

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Friday, February 8, 2008


i'm waiting for kak moni to fetch me. she didnt tell me the exact time so i just have to wait for her message or call me..
i had juz packing my stuff and there are 3 bags!! haha. add 1 more bag bcoz i add new shirts dat was given by my sis..

so, while waiting, my hand menggatal want to write sumthing in this blog...

(^0^)..i loike this icon. it shows dat i'm happy n glad.
and for this =D. it shows big smile from me meaning i'm so happy. this icon was created by my friend raihanah. sory rai. i ter'copy' ur idea..weeeee!!

k..till here, hve no idea to write anything else..hmmm

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Thursday, February 7, 2008


i had just came back from jerantut. i slept all da way from jerantut to kl. hehe coz i felt so full after all of us ate the super duper delicious breakfast made by my aunts. they served us roti boom, rendang daging, meehun wf extra delicious sambal ikn bilis. hehe..gmok sudah..

by the way, dis year cny celeberation was not dat great like past2 year. this is all bcoz of my dad. as for this year we unable to 'konvoi' wf others coz we were late. in additon, we were the 1st one to leave, so we unable to see the new kandang rusa and so on..huhu so sad, i didnt have time to look at the peaceful garden nor the river..wat i did was just sat and eat while watching tv...this is really2 sad.

at the end of the day, all my relatives plan to go to bandung, indonesia this coming july, i was so excited to hear dat, but malangnye my class already start at that time, so as usual i will PONTENG on that day. huahuahua. i must go. i must go. i will start saving from today onwards coz my mom said dat bandung is heaven for shopping!!! i loike!

so...2morrow i will go back to utm wf kak moni. huhu, feel so scard coz i didnt study n do my revision for test next week!!!! huuuu i want to get at least 3 pointer for this sem, but unfortunately due to lots of problems yg melanda hatiku ini, i think my dream will be sia-sia.
but i will try my best to mengaharungi those cabaran yg bagaikan syaitan sedang menghasut-hasut. nadyra can do it!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

chinese new year

i begin my blog on the chinese new year.

this morning my brother confidently told us dat he was born in the year of pig. oh god, seriously kesian. and together we laugh at him. dat was in the car after we had our breakfast at original kayu, sunway damansara.

today, my family n i will celebrate our cny at jerantut as usual, but patiently we have to wait for dad. he got this ceramah thingy, omg sumtimes i'm sick wf dad's work. he getting busier n busier after he got the post. he love dat pose but yet the whole family have to suffer..

kat sni nk cerita skit..
my mom had enough wf my dad..hmm i shud write later coz i really need to go bersiap to jerantut now..till here.

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