Friday, June 6, 2008

the making of a fat gurl

this holiday makes me become a huge lady. i didnt go for exercise and just sleep3..

everyday i wake up around 9am. 1st thing i do is i will check out my phne whether got msg from him or not.then i will take my bath and hve my breakfast. wanna knw wut am i having 4 bfast??
i will drink a cup of milk wf oat and i eat something heavy like nasi goreng, hotdog...huhuu..

then, i dump all my dishes dat my family left last nite into the dishwasher..i hate this part.huhu
rite after dat i wash my cloth or my my family clothes!!!..dump it all in the washing machine and start watching tv. which is tv3 coz there's no astro at the 1st floor. dis time i will msg or cll him..hehe

later on aroung 11 am cmtuh i will take my car key and drive to anywhere i want to. love dis part coz i am practising my skill on driving..

later in the aftenoon,,is my bedtime. but before dat i will eat my lunch wf ma sis. after dat barulah saat kegemukan akn tiba where i will sleep like a lazy slug..huhu..

so no wonder i have a big tummy rite now. eat n sleep all day long. ni x citer lg bab petang..huhu..scary kan..

ok la till here..
tatau bile nak exercise. mls2..

nadyra rubbed her eyes at 2223