Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i started to love james bond it..

right now, i can't sleep coz i already sleep 4 to 2hours tghari tadi..hehe..
siyesss ngntuk pas lab sume2 tuh..luckily my exp today was quite simple. BUT the smell of the lab,,goshhh so hangit!!..the lab asisstant told us that they just burn the soil..i dunno whut to do with that soil...seriously bsuk untill my shirt also melekat wf that freaky smell...later, i had lunch wf ma friends at SUB. not so many ppl there. suddenly i felt x sedap bdn. i had my period pain again. usual i cannot stay in a air condition room. makes me feel more sick. so i juz stay outside reading novel while waiting for the next class. luckily the class was cancel. tq prof!!
if not i'm not going to make it. the class really sejuk n silap2 pengsan, dat is why i sleep 4 like2 hours that afternoon. huhu...sorry alif. i know u wait 4 me at psz.

after i woke up, i suddenly remember about my english work..haisshhh..quickly switch on my lappy n search for the articles. in the evening, things getting better. i played futsal wf kel and others..i was so happy becoz i scored 2 goals today! haha...alaa actually, they didnt play seriously. dats why i can score easily..hehe...

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

food poisoning,

too bad. i had this freaky food poisoning yesterday. i was in the toilet nearly half an hour. luckily, it doesn't disturb my sleep last nite or else i 'll be sleep walking to the loo..hehe..

don't buy food at meranti especially at da makcik berlagak one.(pakcik western xpe) seriouss wey..dh la jual mahal kat aku. sumpah i'm not going to buy any food there. huh. my ex told me that there was a longggggg single cacing stuck in amin's vege!! discusting ok!!..
obviously they didnt wash the vege properly...stupid makcik.

i only have 2 classes today. yes! what en rashid told us was true. nobody likes monday. bcoz it is the 1st day of work. normally ppl will be sooooooooo lazyyyy to lift their big ass. bcoz thinking of lots work to be done for another coming 4 days. xtaulah sejauh mana kebenaranku ini. hehe....

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

why do ppl like to read novels?? its hard for me to finish up the whole book by a week!!

just now i read about the fadhilat reading on hari asyura (which is today!!!), ppl who read something on hari asyura means he/she will not die dis year. is dat true?? i cant 100%trust it bcoz i found that in friendster. someone posted it in the bulletin.

i hate israel. how can they just bomb gaza and let innocent woman n children, by today i'm not going to suppport the america product. eating a single mcdonald burger is similar with eating a body of palestin ppl ok! i really love islam and i'm not going to let my ppl die in that way.

seriously, i have to get fit. i can easily 'mengah' walking to my faculty. haha. i cn imagine that my flabby fats are working so hard while walking.
regarding that, i have to exercise!!!

last week, i went to balai cerap twice!! =D balai cerap is at the top of utm. from there i can see the whole utm and the view is superly nice. i feel so proud of myself when i was up there. i cant imagine that i can climb up there! haha. from my college to balai cerap is about 3km. so total wolud be 6km if i returned back to my college.i never walking nonstop that far ok. yes! i'm going to do it agian this week at least 3 times to burn my would be 18km of walking distance per week. wow!

My other plan is to try horse riding. haha. its fun. i know. but students have to pay rm5 to ride it. huhu. wut a waste. next, is to go to the gym. only open to gurls on tuesday n thursday. i never been there before..hehe..

chinese new year is coming n i'm so glad to hear dat the mid sem holiday will be included. meaning i have 1 week holiday and i can rest at home and meet with my dear asyraf n mama n ayah n da whole family lah!. woohooo =)
n the best part is i'm going back by plane. thnx to along for booking my flight. =D

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