Tuesday, June 23, 2009

selesai 2 kes

oh mengada nya title saya. bajet lawyer ni. actually x selesai pun tapi cuma i pinjamkan telinga n tgn utk 2 kawan i yg i syg.

1st yg sorg ni luahkan perasaan through ym. semangat plak die. slalunye jrg kami ber'ym' pjg..hehe. i think he really need sumone to talk to. nsib time tuh tgh boring n "xde keje nak wat"...oopsss ngamuk ajwin kalu baca ni..hehe

yeah lately i hve so many things to do at my office. i have to complete my report.complete assignment. actually senang je tapi akibat pengaruh jiran sebelah. i malas. ahaks! ye ke...i pun mmg mls senanye...

ok back to the topic, my friend ni mmg ada masalah yg besar ngn buah hati die tuh. hampir2 fed up i tgk. so as a frend i pun bgla kata2 semgt kunun2 die bley ikut. tp rsa mcm x berkesan je...hhehe
ada ke patut buah hati nyer berdegil. isk! mmg benci...

pndgn i kpd psgn ini:

1) diorg ni msih ad future.
2) my fwen ni kne lebih tegas. jgn manjakan sgt.

tips i kepada pasangan ini:

1) jangan DEGIL ngn psgn msing2 especially yg gurl2
2) jangan tipu menipu. mmg x baik. tuhan mara k.

next story plak pasal my fwen sorg ni. die sudah bebel2 a.k.a gado sama die punya buah hati. i yg tgh driving ni curi2 dgr gak. hehe...sorry la time tuh radio pun x kuat sgt..telinga pun terpsg la dgr bnda len. dilema dia ialah buah hati die merajuk. oh! itu perkara biasa. buah hati sy pun lebey krg. HATI DIE LEMBUT GLER MCM TAU FOO FAA. penat gk kdg2 lyn..ok2 cukup.
my frend ni ckp mmg minggu ni minggu guys period??.oh ho sgt pelik. laki boleh keluar itu ......
lu pikir la sendiri.

pndgn i kpd psgn ini:

1) BAGUS sbb mereka bebel2 secara lembut dan bersopan. sungguh tak sama mcm i T_T
2) tak guna perkataan manja time berckp dlm phne yg boleh menjengkelkan org tgh drive. bguih la tu. i x pndai la cover2..hmm mybe pasni nk kne pnggil pakcik kot kt buah hati saya. (",)

tips i kpd psgn ini:

1) jgn bergurau bnda simple kat buah hati yg cepat merajuk. BAHAAAAAAYA
2) jujur sajela ngn mereka2 yg cpt merajuk. kalu men klentong payah gak.hehe

gambar hiasan sajee..xde kne mengena ngn watak. =)

pee ass: watak x ley mention nama. bahaya..ha poraaahhh

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Friday, June 19, 2009

kunjungi rumah pak hassan

oooo nur kasih...oooo..ok2 this is the song that keep playing in my mind rite now. nur kasih its a gud story dat u should watch in tv3 every friday at 9pm. Unfortunately, the show is only once in a week. huhu..

ok da story is about two siblings name Aidil and Adam who live in kampung. their parents especially their dad is a very islamic person. he really want the best for their sons future BUT (like always there must always be an 'antagonis' character in every story rite ) Adam is a naughty or maybe bad person. He study in Sydney Australia and have a girlfriend that he really adore while his elder brother Aidil study in Universiti Al-Azhar. So obviously u can see the different type of character will terbentuk rite. huhu..

So their bapak dun want Adam to marry with dat 'mat solleh' gurl. He met with Ustaz Abu Bakar who have 2 daughters. Nur Amina and Siti Sarah. Nur Amina is the one who he want to marry with Adam in hope dat Amina will change his sons attitude to become a gud person. HARAPAN TINGGI FROM THE BAPAK LAA..

but Sadly, Aidil sudah ada hati sama itu Aminah b4 they got married la. kesian aidil.

After Adam n Nur got married, Adam do not even want to touch Aminah coz he said dat Aminah is not his type of gurl. oh dat is so damn! how cud u. ur bini is so chantik + baik but u letak tepi. haih~~~kalau bini ko jongang sebatu ke xpe la gak kalu ko x ske...tett~~ ok2 dah excited state plak....i feel so pity to aminah.

so for details plz check at www.tv3.com.my/nurkasih. in this website u can even see their nice kampung house dat i really adore >.<

thanx to kabir bakhtiar who made this story. dun play2 with him ha. he is one of the gud director in malaysia. ehem2. thumbs up!

pee ass: selamat hari bapa to adam's dad n my dad too

aminah is in the middle. adam is the one u know who..hehe..-_-

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

siapakah si dia?

regarding my last post...i forgot to mention who is 'si dia'..mybe i'm too excited or i simply thought that 'si dia' is a famous amous person. hehe

so, let me tell you. 'si dia' have beard. ok2..

let me introduce to you. the most GENTLE man guy.

prof khairi saidin..yeahhh dis is 'si dia'.

dah2 xpyh nak pandang janggut die lama2.

pee ass: biodata sikit pasal prof ini. he is a material physics lecturer at UTM. ok tu je.. ;)

oh ye die juga pernah menjadi one of the lecturer yg menjadi penyoal time presentation lab saya sem lalu..*big smile*

dan lagi satu. prof ini belum biasa dgn jln di kl. so die sesat skjap sblum smpai hsb. huhu. by da way thanx prof for coming to hsb. semoga bg nad dan erma lulus ea...>.<

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

gemuruh jiwa kerna si dia.

i just don't know how to begin coz wut i feel rite now is so relief....heee~ it is something that i never experience before. after he called erma that he already arrived at the hospital, my heart was beating like a kitaro drum show..i can still remember the last time my heart beaten fastly when i heard dat my parents are coming home dat nite..huhu.

so, we decided to gave him direction to our jabatan. we walked to the exit door
my big ass already menggigil2. as i walk through the corridor, suddenly i saw his bald head!! from far. i know its him.(70% yakin) yes coz lani already show me the pic of him..hmm..

when i came closer to him..his back was facing at us. so, the keyakinan percentage increase up to 100% because i saw a paper bag bertulis UTM. yeahhh dats him.

my heart start beat like a titanic song when he turned his head and look at us. his face is so gentle sampaikan aku nak tenyeh2 wf piece of cloth. eyp2..hehe..he had a long beard.

he asked us are we the students???? yes we are. then, we entertain him and bring him to met wf our supervisor. EN AZWIN. after that we went to our table and had a sit. the 1st question was
"explain to me what r guys doin here for the past 5 weeks??"..
so we explained to him n bebel2 like mak nenek jual sayur kt pasar.

hehe..i know this thing only happened once in a lifetime. the moral of the story is dun judge the person buy his look. actually why i am so fierced wf him bcoz ERMA told me dat this prof always ask hard and detail question. oh erma, u make me scard of him k. HE S A NICE GUY LAAA..

(",) i felt so relief rite now coz the critical part was over. it is not that critical but i can bet everyone who r doin practical rite now (especially my classmate) are excited yet scard to this situation...

here are some pictures about my practical at hospital sungai buloh. cekidaud.

sedang mengukur jarak dari hidung fantom(ada tengkorak dlm tuh -.-") ke image intensifier. tampat kejadian: bilik angio

itulah en azwin yang byk menolong =p

kamilah juara!!.. ok2 dah2 dats my fwen, erma yg skema..lol..*huuu version pipi tembam. skang dah kurus dah..(-.-")

pee ass: why all of my pic nak half2 je eh??..salahkan perut buncit. hum!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

demam hannah montanna

god...i am so into miley cyrus rite now. keep listening to the climb sing by her everyday!!
if the song come out while i'm driving i will start sing it loudly like in a karaoke cube.hehe..
i dun care wut other motorist who pass by my car will say if they see me singing. mesti org kata aku ni bukan miley cyrus tapi mili cyras..tett~
so, last weekend i went to watched hannah montanna the movie wf ma crazy sister. i was so tension coz we were like early 3 minutes to get the reserved seats. so, no matter how there were only front seats left!! damn..but hannah montanna punyer pasai...aku x kisah. hoho..
sakit tengkuk lepas tgk but at the end i felt so satisfied coz da story was so good. haha.am i turn to a 15 years old gurl who love watching hannah rather than 'terminator'...hehe..

go miley!! i always gonna support u. XOXO..

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