Sunday, April 26, 2009

do we look alike??

this is pictures between isma n me. for your info isma is one of the akademi fantasia seasaon 7 student. some ppl said that we look alike...

do we???
nooooo!!! isma is already 30 yearsss olddd ok. and i'm like 10 years younger than her.

so, if look like here MEANING???

keputusan di tgn anda.

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jangan pergi breakfast kat McD di pagi AHAD. reasons here:

  1. ramai giler org. baru ku tahu nasi lemak mak cik kiah dah x laku. BIG BREAKFAST dah jadi mkanan breakfast org msia sekarang.
  2. akan ada birthday party kanak2 umur 9 tahun ke bawah. dis is sooooooo IRRITATING ok. suasana dlm McD mcm pasar Siti Khadijah
  3. when u come there at 1020 am like me, u will try to wait untill 12 noon to have SUNDAE. (uhuk no wonder la bdn saya mkin cumel >.<)
so, dat's wut happened dis morning when i went to McD UTM (cheh3..)

ok back to topic. actually time nk byr tu, ada sorang pakcik ni tanya kat kaunter,
"dik, tadi saya mintak hotcakes with sausage. mana sausage nyer???". then org McD tu jawab tu la sausage nyer pakcikk..

BAHAHAHAAHa....rupenyer dat pakcik expect da sausage will look like a normal sausage yg slaloo ada kat giant tu...nganganga...for your info sausage kat mcd, rupe nyer mmg macam burger. so, dat pakcik tot it was a burger or sumthing else than sausage....

maka pakcik tu pun beredar dgn malunyerrrrr..ngeeeee...saya pun tumpang malu..hehehe

ok2..not gud to laugh at ppl. aku pun apa kuurang nyer...bila tanya,

'abg, slaloo beli breakfast dpt 2 banana pie ." abg tu pun jwb dgn senyuman. "promotion tu dah lepas dua minggu yg lalu dik...tettttttttttttttttttttttttttt......aku malu...>.<

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

kisah handphone 6300

my phone is not goin to vibrate after dis. no more. no more.

wuwuwuwuw.... things happened dis morning when i wanted to charge my phone.
i realized dat my charger already bengkok and kemek...T_T and i force my charger to get into my phone..(u get it??) hoping my phne can be charge but sadly it turns to...DAMAGING-MY-PHONE!!!

that charger makes my phone couldnt vibrate anymore. i'm so sure dat the damage due to my tak-sabar + ganas action. didnt knw which part of the screw had tertanggal already...


buy new handphone?? or just grab abang's phone..bahaha...ok. totally nonsence coz i can still use my phone but da vibration are not going to work after this!!! so nadhirah jgn nak berangan pakai i-phone plak pasni...huu (hp idaman sejak tgk kak nadiya pakai)

SORRY TO ANYONE WHO CALL ME IN THE FUTURE. IF I DIDNT ANSWER IT, SILA SALAHKAN CHARGER YANG BENGKOK + KEMEK. sebab kalu bunyi bising di luar(contoh arked meranti), aku tak dengar bunyi phone ringing unless i can feel the vibrationn..kekeke

charger kemek + bengkok handphone yang dah takleh vibrate

so, just now i went to taman U, and bought new charger cost rm10. ok rm10 can fill up quarter of my car tank ok...aigooooo....

muke excited dpt charger baruu..=D

pesanan alif :please take a good care with ur charger after dis....baiklah.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

random from danga bay =)

another 3 to go

another 3 papers to sit. uhuk.. i'm scared of ELECTROMAGNET. how can Sam said that E.M is so sweeetttttttttttt...gosh!!..i should learn from him but sadly lupe nak mintak mamat tu punyer no dat day. Actually Sam is my classmate during degree++. yeah. dat guy is so tall + dark. He's from Sierra LEon, Africa. he is the 1st foreigner i ever talk with..hehe. berlagak.

my exam will end this coming wednesday. i juz can't wait to end this disaster. so here i already plan what to do on the next day (30 April 2009).hehe. i'm going to jalan-jalan with my dear baby 2001.

  1. watch movie. this is the crucial thing. been so long didnt watch movie. hehe actually da last one was fast n furious kot.haha.
  2. pay maxis bill at danga bay. ok danga bay dah jadi tpt byr bill lak. dulu tempat gumbira
  3. teman alif beli pakaian L.I at angsana not angsini.

dis are just my planning. tuhan yang menentukannya.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

here is the pic of my cousins and me at my brother's wedding(later i will write bout this event)

ok its been a long time for not writing blog. hehe

i'm still busy rite now. i will find any free time to update my blog!!