Friday, May 30, 2008

driving manual car

yeahh now i start practising my driving skill. its been 2years since i got my license but only now i can drive confidently(area kota damansara je). manual car its a bit hard to compare wf auto la. tired of changing the gear and pressing the clutch..huhu....

watever it is i have to buck up coz my dad already give green lite for me to drive car at utm. so 1 month ago i drove to pasar, round2 are kd..huhu

i need to practise more. must reach kl before july. yeahhh dat my mission.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

wedding week!

dis weekend i went to 3 wedding. and im so tired of dat. i had to follow my mom coz she asked for it. coz she scared if she dun have friends to talk to later.huhu..last2, i yg ditinggalkan..wuuu~~

so, starting from 2mrow, .i have to take care of asyraf. how am i going to practise my driving. haih~~~

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Thursday, May 8, 2008


yeahh dats da word to decsribe my feeling at home. it totally boring. i have no friends to talk to, no where to friends are all stay in kl..huhu why daddy choose damansara..although there are so many places to go, but when u dun have money and friends there's no point rite..huu..
i hate this holiday..bluekkkk

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Monday, May 5, 2008

i got my full license =D

yeahh, i went to jpj dis morning. firstly mls mau bgun but think about my ability of driving car...

so today i stay alone at home..i prefer dis way rather than follow my brother to work..x larat laa...hate to follow ppl him bcoz his job is boringggg..xdpt gaji pon..its so meaningless ok..=(
i miss asyraf..cepat la balikk

rite now, lagu sempurna keep playing in my mind.hehe...

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

the good n bad

the good thing is,

finally..the disaster is over...i finished all my final paper!!! yessss..
my dad picked me up at utm and he drove me to puteri pacific hotel to stay there 4 2 nites..
yes, and i love johor was marvelous!! i loike their tauhu bakar and cakoi bakar.hehhehe..
today, my dad, brother and i went to cs. we watched iron man!! the best thing was they like it..hehe.and i love it too! =D ..later on my dad bought me new watch!!!!!!!!!!!! yes2...the watch was like sama tapi x serupa wf the old one..hehe..thanx dad.,.i will take a good care this watch. no more careless nadhirah..

here comes the bad thing..
what i hate about holiday is i cannot meet my lovely guy..wuuuu~~
we have to berpisah and we cannot meet each other for 2months yes! 2 MONTHS OK..
before that we were like seeing each other everyday and now i cant meet him..huhu..if u were in my shoe, i think u knoe wat am i feeling rite now..huhuhuhuhu!!
maziquekuuuu...i need uuuu...)=

to all couples out there....dun be too obsessed wf ur love one..or else u will suffer like me...

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