Tuesday, December 30, 2008


can't imagine today is the last day for 2008.
2008 for me is so painful. i learned so many things. but luckily i can get through it.

2008 also reminds me of having him. full of happiness but it ends on december. sad sad.

wut about travelling?? yes i had been to 3 different countries dis year. ;)

1. Singapore (January)
I went there by uni trip. it was like a honeymoon for me.haha.

2. Macau, China (February)
I went there with my family. Macau is full of 'perjudian' or casino. ppl around there live with poker n stuff. kind of strange for me..but it was a good experience. =)

3. Bandung, Indonesia (August)
This was the best holiday i ever had for this year. I went there with my big family. They are superb. U know, all the makchik2 are so kepochi!.hehe. Shopping is like a heaven there. I bought quit a lot of stuff..if there is a chance to go bandung,i'm not going to miss it =D

4. Jogjakarta,Indonesia (December)
I went there with my parents. Actually my dad had work there and mama and I was just menumpang. hehe. Jogja was not fun like bandung. There were no shopping center. Only kedai2tepi jln..=( I guess the most attracting place is the CaNDI Borobudur. Im not a historical ppl la..so, I'm not so glad with all da old2 stuff.huhu.

So, what I can say about 2008 is, sometimes there are happy moments but sometimes there are sad moments.

I dint do well in my exam as well. I only got 2.99 for the whole CGPA!!!!. Isnt that frustrating??..so, whut i shud do is to buck up!!! I have to work hard in 2009. really hard. meaning i must get at least 3 pointer above..yes! i can do it.

Next, i'm not going to couple with anyone for this 4th sem. I want to be single and dun want to get interrupt wf any guys especially in utm. there a so many losers here. really sick of them. i juz want to concertrate on my study. thats all.

So, welcome 2009 and bye bye 2008....>.<

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

yesterday, my dad got a new car which is camry and da whole family really love it.
well lama x naik keta mewah..asik naik keta msia jer...huhu..
but sadly, i have to go back utm dis 30th...so malas but kind of excited coz can't wait to meet up wf my friends!!

to my ex-bf..i really miss you..
i dunno how to face wf u this coming sem. everything will be different...benci2..

anyway, i have to keep it aside and focus in my study..
juz imagine, all my friends got very high mark in final!!!..i'm like da loser one...
i really have to buck up..i have to beat them and dats my mission!!

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Friday, December 5, 2008

look how nakal he is!!!!!!!!!

this time i have to take care of my nehpew asyraf (1 year old). he is so damn naughty. run so fast like a wind and cry so loud like a lion. he will pull anyone's hand to bring him somewhere he wanted to. he love ball!. keep saying ball and ball everyday. hehe so cute. btw he is the only nephew i have and i really adore him. muahh syg.