Tuesday, November 25, 2008

peoples who brighten my days!

this 2 persons make me happy all the time. luv u guys!

Monday, November 24, 2008

its been a very long time i havent do this..busy??..i dun think so. actually i didnt connect my room with this internet coz at first i thought dat the wireless in krp was excellent but it turns badly in the middle of the sem. huh....kalu tau aku beli je line tuh...so, i have to bring my ass to my friends room, knock2 and asked for sympathised!!..haha..sumtimes nak buka cimbclicks je pun coz very desperate to top up when my pocket kosong already..
talking about top up, sorry sot aku terlupa nak byr rm5 kat kau b4 cuti hari tu. nnti aku byr la k..ooppsss!

so now i already at my very sweet home. i love my home and couldn't care if i cannot go out pun coz at home i feel so relaxxxx...i can do watever i want including sleep for the whole day!!..haha..really coz at UTM i have to wake up early in the morning to study!!!(tp x pndai2 gak) =( this is becoz my rummate is sooooo bloody rajin. juz imagine dat she can straight away go to her table and read notes after she wakes up.what in the earth la kan punyer rajin. xpayah gosok gigi pun...hihihi so, as a rummate i feel so uncomfortable with it. sumtimes she makes me jeolous. anyway she deserve to get 3.92 for every sem becoz what she did is worth it!!! study study study...yang aku ni konon2 nak jadi rajin but all my marks x seterrel die k. maybe there is somthing yg x kne ni...hmm..buck up nadhirah!! sumtimes feel like having a single room next year. but pikir2 balik its a waste for me not to have her as my rummate bcoz without her i will bloody malas la kan..hihi...so stay with her je la. ok laniku??hehehe..

during last 3rd sem, what i did was i alwiz dating with my ex-bf alif.(no wonder i got very bad marks!) we wet everyday. so like laki bini already. we went to tasik lah, eat together lah. xpeduli kn org awam langsung. what i think was only alif and me in this world..huhu...i'm sure ppl around us might be very sick of us!! seeing us berkepit everyday. sorry guys..coz i cant get rid of him. he was my man. so now those things will never happen next sem. (maybe kdg2 tu adalah. juz meet as a friend) coz on 23rd nov we break!!!!...non of us did any mistake juz bcoz my parents yg x setuju me couple with him..huhuhuu...i cried like babi dat nite ok. serioussss bapak sedey..i feel so sorry to you alif. it was all bcoz of me. my parents really wanna best for me. so, as ank mithali la kan i dgr la ckp mama n ayah, maybe ada hikmahnyer...huhu....anyway, i still young. stilll can meronggeng after this..haha..oopss!. like whut my ayah said, 'korang ni cinta monyet je'...huhu..cinta monyet ke kalu dah sampai date hari2???..huhu..watever la. luckily our relationship are just 11 months!. if longer, it will be hard for me to let him go. so rite now i feel so malas to bercouple dah. enough for having 3 ex-bf!! hope the 4th one will be my husband and i will choose the best guy for my parents sake!!!!!

for those ppl out there yg sedang berchenta, make sure u guys ask ur parents first and tell them the root about ur gf/bf. coz parents really want the best for their children. trust me.

nadyra rubbed her eyes at 1224.