Tuesday, August 12, 2008

really sick of it

feeling better after sukam is over. as a ajk makanan sukam, u have to prepare foods and drinks to the atheletes. really tiring, da problem is, those athletes are so demand!!! they want me to treat them as a vvip ke??!! at the end kalah gak. sepak kang.
come on la. baru sukam. kalu olimpik bley la lagi. pening pening. wutever it is, this S*** thing aready past and i'm going to concerntrate on my study. test3..after holiday. mmg S*** gak.
ye la wut do u expect time cuti?? takan nak blajar kot??? mmg x lah.. haih...

really sick of math lecturer. he always absent. come on la. plus dis week, he left us for 2 weeks already k. dah la i mcm so bodo in physics math kan. suke2 je x wat class. then he never want to replace the class. at the end tibe2 ckp ada test. wtf???


nadyra rubbed her eyes at 0731