Sunday, April 20, 2008 exam

rite now im struggling for my final exam. i have another 4 papers..ethnic and english already done. im scared of electronic..huhu.. another 1 days not to go.. actually its not hard but im afraid dat i will careless and forgot the formula..

nway i will try my best to score dis time. i will prove it to my parents dat i can do it.

nadyra rubbed her eyes at 2000

Friday, April 18, 2008

i lost my watch..

owh yeah..yesterday was too sad for affects my entire life. i lost my sayang watch..argggghhh!!!! I LEFT IT AT TV ROOM AT MY HOSTEL.

im fucking stress with dat ok..i really want my watch back. coz my dad gave it to me!!!!
i really appreciate dat. but i juz ambil ringan je..huuh....sorry dad. its all my fault..

nway exam is juz around the corner..nadhirah, juz focus in ur study k..juz ignore for a while bout da watch...juz keep praying so dat da one who took it will return back to you..huhu..yeahenhh i shud think like dat..

ok then till here.. gud luck everyone..

nadyra rubbed her eyes at 0945..